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Heavenly Pork Chops!

Phew! Thursday already? What a whirlwind of a week with more excitement headed our way tonight! I wanted to drop in and share this quick and easy recipe with you. I found this after putting our first pig in the freezer in the fall. We love to shake and bake pork chops on the smoker, however, the homegrown pork chops were a little too thick to do this with. Pork chops can be real tough because you want to make sure they are done but they can get tough real quickly. This simple recipe lets you combine everything and your crock pot does the work. I will admit, it's not the healthiest so be sure to watch your portion size and add a small salad to your meal. I usually set this up to cook overnight (6-8hrs) then put it in the fridge in the morning because our days can end up being long and I'd hate to burn it. Also, this is the doubled up version of the recipe, you can cut it in half, no problem, but we like leftovers. This recipe is great with chicken too (if you're not a pork fan). I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!


- 4-6 boneless pork chops (I load as many as my crockpot and sauce will hold)

- 2 packets of Italian dressing seasoning

- 8oz (1 package) of cream cheese

- 3 tbsp of butter

- 2 cans (20z) of cream of chicken

- 1.5 cups of chicken broth

- 1/2lb of angel hair pasta

1) cube the cream cheese in a bowl and melt in the microwave; combine with the butter

2) Add cream cheese/butter, cream of chicken, chicken broth, and Italian season to your crock pot and mix well.

3) Nestle your pork chops in the sauce so they are completely covered.

4) Cook on low for 6-8hours.

5) Serve over cooked angel hair pasta!

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