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Measuring & sizing your custom order

Below you'll find easy measuring guides and quick links to the corresponding YouTube videos for some of my most popular items. As with each maker, we all have our own process of making calculations and building our products. Please, only use these instructions when ordering from Gunnin Girl Leatherworks. Instructions from other makers may not directly translate to GGL gear and result in poorly fitting items. I am always available to answer questions via email, text, or phone call regarding measurements.

Measuring for Mounted Shooting Holsters

Waist Style Rig
I'll need your waist measurement using an actual tape measurement. This is not your pants size. Take this over the top of your typical shooting clothes. If you usually wear a baggy western shirt, put that on to measure. If you typically wear a corset, put that on for measuring. This will help me make the rig fit you the best way possible.

Find the location you want to wear your shooting belt. Some like their belt higher up on their ribs, some at their natural waist, others prefer it more down on their hips. Wherever wearing it is the most comfortable for you, measure there. Pull the tape fit but not overly snug, this accounts for the thickness of leather on the belt. This will be the center holes for the belt so there will be adjustment both larger and smaller.

Shoulder or Harness Style Rig

Take your waist measurement as described above.

Using the location the waist measurement was taken, start in the center of your body in the front, measure over one of your shoulders, to the center of your back at the waist measurement location.

Measuring for Chinks

For the most accurate measurements:

*take all measurements with your typical riding clothes on; jeans, boots, belt, etc

*have someone else take your measurements so you can stand square and vertical

1)waist – taken around the waist, where the chinks are to be worn. There may be some variation on location based on individual preference. Typically this is at or just below the belt line.

2) front rise – taken on the front of the leg; distance from (above taken) waist measurement to the location the leg portion will begin to wrap around the thigh (directly across from "crotch"), this ensures the leg portion doesn’t ride up uncomfortably (typical rise is 6-8”)

3) outer rise - taken on the outside of the leg, using the location of the waist measurement as the starting point, measure down the leg until you are directly across from the stopping point of the front rise 

4) upper thigh – around the thickest part of the thigh (generally at the very top near the crotch)

5) mid thigh – distance around, taken halfway between crotch and knee

6) knee – distance around, taken at the knee with a slight bend

7) outseam (base) – taken on the outermost portion of the leg, starting at the waist measurement location and extending to somewhere in the vicinity of the knee; this is the length the solid portion of the chinks will be so leaves some preference as to exact location. Some folks want the base to stop above the knee, others right at the knee, others below the knee.

8) fringe length – measuring beyond the base (outseam) to the desired fringe length; average length is 6”; fringe can be shorter than this up to 4”; fringe beyond 6” is welcomed but will incur additional charges


Measuring for Belts

Measuring for a belt - youtube instructional video

Measuring for Dog Collars

Measuring for dog collars - youtube instructional video

****Gunnin Girl Leatherworks reserves the right to refuse returns, refunds, or exchanges if the measurements taken by you the customer were inaccurate. If the mistake was made on the GGL end, we will correct it.

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