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Chaps & Chinks: Portfolio

Here are just a few sets of custom chinks we have built over the years. They can be very simple to extremely elaborate, it's all up to you! We have lots of design options to choose from and are open to trying new things as well. Call or email us about what you're looking for and we can start designing a set just for you!

***The below pricing is to give you an idea of cost, all orders require a custom quote - please contact us via email or by phone for this***

Basic Set of Chinks - $500 (including shipping)
          This includes:

  • Your choice from basic colors (black, dark brown, light brown, etc)

  • Buckles in both front and back for adjustment

  • Your choice of snaps or roller buckles on the leg straps

  • 4-6" fringe (does not include extra long fringe)

         Upgrades available for additional cost:

  • Tooled border or background on hips and yokes

  • Conchos

  • Dot Border on hips, yokes, or fringe line

  • Bling Border on hips, yokes, or fringe line

  • Laced in back belt

  • Secondary color bordering hips and yokes

  • Secondary color fringe

  • Double fringe

  • Buckstitching

  • Paint on hips and yokes

  • Mecate Ring

Click here to visit our instructional page regarding measuring for your custom chinks

*All orders over $300 require a 50% deposit that must be paid before your order will go on the "To Build" list. All order details & measurements must be on file before a deposit invoice will be issued. Invoices are delivered via email from Quickbooks & are payable with a credit or debit card. Texas Sales Tax applies for Texas residents.*

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