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More About GGL

Gunnin Girl Leatherworks started in 2012 when Sierra moved to Kentucky. She had left a small horse training and lesson business and was in the process of rebuilding in her new location. During this process she picked up a new hobby of leather working. Quality leather products are not always easy to come by and she was looking for some personalized stuff without breaking the bank. After an unsuccessful search she decided to take it on herself.


Quickly, friends and family became excited about her new endeavor and within the first few months she made her first set of chinks, a pink pair for a fun little cowgirl she was giving lessons to. The first few years were spent mastering her craft, but even still today she is learning and perfecting new techniques, ideas, and tooling patterns as she strives to be current on the needs of her customers.

In 2015 she began participating in cowboy mounted shooting. Soon she saw the opportunity to be creative in the realm of quality holsters and chinks specifically for mounted shooting. It took some time and a number of holster designs, but soon found a design that worked beautifully. Holsters and chinks have become a staple in her work and she enjoys getting to know each customer so she can best develop products customized to each of them. But don't be mistaken, she  can do much more than holsters and chinks. She loves working on everything from belts, to dog collars, to bags and purses, organizers, club awards, household items and so much more!


Sierra occasionally has stock leather items but 95% of her work is completely custom. Feel free to browse the photos of projects she has produced and contact her about your ideas for a custom project. Just because you may not see a picture in our gallery, doesn't mean it's not possible. Sierra loves new challenges and creating items as unique as each of our customers.

If you were looking for Breezy Creek Ranch leather maker, you are in the right spot, we just have a new name. With some big life changes and a new location Sierra decided in December 2018 to change the business name to Gunnin Girl Leatherworks as she felt it more appropriately reflected what the business has become.

Don't have immediate needs for order but just want to say hello? Send her a message and let her know where you're from or subscribe to our email list! We won't spam on your inbox but there will be exclusive offers for our subscribers from time to time and updates on what is available so you don't miss out on limited products.

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