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Big Things....

It seems every year things speed up and getting more jam packed with events. Lately that's what I've felt like, as if there is no time for anything. But I wanted to remind everyone that you need to find time for some peace, some quiet, and some fun. While we have plenty going on between orders rolling in, planning for new fence and a new loft, mowing, gardening, not to mention work and every day house chores, we've been purposely making time to enjoy things outside of work. We are fortunate to have a great group of friends and family and spending some time with them at the driving range and on the practical shooting range this weekend was very much needed. There's no cell service at the shooting range, it was nice to put that technology down for a minute and enjoy the company of good friends and the focus that comes from learning a new sport. We all need time to do that, so plan some time in your life for that.

On another note, we are so excited to have been invited to sit down with a local life-style and entertainment show called Midday Kentucky about our farm and business. It will be live streamed online for those who are working or do not live here in Kentucky. It will also be posted after the show for you to check out. Here is the livestream link and I'll post the clip later today. Also, we will be giving away this custom tumbler on the show, so tune in for the details! Have a great day!

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