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Enjoy the Ride...

"Don't be scared, just enjoy your ride..."

Music has always been a connection point for me, country music namely. Not the new, hip-hop crap. The old stuff, the cowboy and Texas stuff. They write from the heart about life, love, pain, loss, and success. I don't need anyone else to understand what a song means to me because it very well could mean something different to someone else.

I also connect songs with people, places, and events in my life that have made an impact. An impact isn't always good per se, I believe you can learn in every situation in life. If you don't pull learning from every situation and instead dwell on tough emotions that situation caused, you will be stuck and not move forward in growth. It's taken a long time for me to really have an understanding of that mentality and truly implement it in my life but I'm so thankful that I have.

That's where the song this line is from comes into play. It's from the Chris Ledoux song "The Ride". The first time I heard it Bradley was playing it on the acoustic guitar. Apparently I had an obvious look on my face because he said, "You've never heard that song?" No, I hadn't. I loved Chris Ledoux music but had never heard that one and it was amazing. The first time he pulled it up online the version was a bit crackly and not auto tuned, just Chris and his guitar, just as Bradley had been playing it. The poetry of a song often makes a deeper impact than just blatantly saying the words, in this case it was both. I loved this song and understood the meaning, mostly, right away. But it would be 6 years later before in my heart I connected and lived the meaning of this song.